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Slot data
Wild Symbol (only in bonus games), Scatter Symbol, Autoplay, Turbospin, Bonus Games

777slot is an online game designed in the style of a classic one-armed bandit. The game is developed by Jili Games, a well-known provider in Asia. This online slot is modernized with a 3×3 layout and 5 fixed paylines. These additions make 777slot one of the top online casino games in its genre.

777slot game


777slot features a total of 11 symbols, providing a balanced mix of opportunities for players. The slot includes three special bonus symbols that activate various features and bonuses. Additionally, there are eight regular symbols with fixed payout rates.

Bonus Symbols in 777slot

  • TRIPLE Symbol: Activates the first type of bonus game.
  • Blazing Symbol: Triggers the second bonus game.
  • Diamond Line Symbol: Initiates the third bonus game. This symbol only appears when your bet exceeds 5 PHP (approximately $0.01). 

Regular Symbols

SymbolPayout Rate
Blazing Sevenx100
Blue Sevenx75
Light Blue Sevenx50
Double Barx15
Any Sevenx5


In normal mode, 777slot has 5 fixed paylines. A payline is a specific order of symbols necessary for a payout and win. The bonus games number of paylines decreases to two (Diamond Line) or even one (Triple & Blazing).

777slot Normal Mode
Normal Mode
777slot Bonus Mode
Bonus Mode


The RTP (Return to Player) for the 777slot is 97.56%. This is higher than the average for other slots. However, it’s important to understand that this is merely a theoretical indicator of mathematical expectation. It cannot be used to calculate potential winnings in an individual gaming session. Remember that casino games are not a way to earn money but are intended for entertainment purposes only.


The 777slot game has high volatility, which means players often experience big ups and downs in their wins and losses. This excitement is part of the game’s draw, as it offers large jackpots through its high payout symbols and bonus games. However, hitting the big winning combination can be rare.

Betting Limits

In the Slot 777 game, players have a flexible betting range. You can start with 1 PHP or go higher up to a maximum of 1000 PHP.

Jackpot and Payouts

The game allows for such large wins because it can multiply your bet by up to 2000 times. The main jackpot you can win is 2000000 PHP. 

777slot win

Slot Features

Slot 777 VIP adds new elements to the classic slot machine game:

  • Wild Symbol: This symbol appears only in bonus games and can replace all other symbols except the Jackpot (JP).
  • Scatter Symbol: This symbol helps start the 777 Bonus rounds if you get two or more on the screen.
  • Autoplay: This lets you set up 10 spins automatically at the same bet level.
  • Turbospin: This speeds up the spinning, making the game go faster and showing results more quickly.

777Slot Bonus Games

The game includes three bonus rounds, each offering different prizes:

  • TRIPLE Game is available during bonus rounds and gives players a chance to win a jackpot tied to TRIPLE symbols.
  • BLAZING Game offers a jackpot triggered when three BLAZING symbols line up during bonus rounds.
  • Diamond Line Game is available only when you bet 5 PHP or more.
777slot bonus game

My Playing Experience with 777 Slot

The 777 Slot by Jili Games felt fresh compared to usual retro slots. The high chance of winning made every spin exciting. The bonuses came up often, adding fun to the game. The main downside was the autoplay limited to just 10 spins, which paused the gameplay a bit.

Visual Style

The sounds of the game took me back to retro slot machines. The old-school style was cool, but some graphics, like the win animation, were a bit rough. Smoothing these out could improve the look of the classic feel.

FAQs about 777 Jili Slot

How are the bonus rounds activated?
The slot has three different bonus rounds. Each is triggered by two or more Scatter symbols and offers unique rewards.
What are the special features of the 777 Slot?
The game includes a Wild symbol in the bonus rounds and Turbospin to speed up the game. The autoplay is limited to 10 spins, which might be a problem for some players.
Can I play with a small bet, and what’s the biggest win possible?
You can start playing with a 1 PHP. The biggest win is 2,000,000 PHP, which comes from hitting the 2000x jackpot.
What is the slot’s RTP?
The game’s RTP is 97.56%. So, players have a high rate of potential winning over time.