Fortune Tiger

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PG Soft
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Multiplier, Respins, Sticky Wilds, Wild

What is Fortune Tiger?

The Fortune Tiger slot machine is becoming a sensation on social media and topping casino charts. Developed by PG Soft, it took first place in Brazil and won the favor of players worldwide. Attractive graphics immerse you in the world of Asian myths. The game provides the theme of the lucky tiger. Random respins and an incredible x10 multiplier promise big wins. Fortune Tiger has a 3-reel, 3-row layout with 5 fixed paylines.

What makes Tiger Fortune so exciting? In this article, we will reveal the secrets of Fortune Tiger’s phenomenal success and explain why it fascinates players on different continents.

Popularity of Fortune Tiger

Fortune Tiger has held the top spot among casino games in Brazil for over a year. It also has many fans in the US, Thailand, Portugal, Philippines, and Nigeria. Effective marketing explains the rapid growth of the game’s popularity in these regions. Players share big winnings on TikTok and YouTube. According to KTO, 59.49 % of active players in Brazil regularly choose Fortune Tiger. This game accounts for 19.84% of all rounds played on the platform.

Fortune Tiger Features

Fortune Tiger Symbols

Let’s find out what unique features Fortune Tiger has:

  1. Fortune Tiger Feature: This feature is triggered randomly during any spin. During this feature, one symbol (not Wild) is selected. Only the selected symbol, Wilds, or empty spaces appear on the reels. If newly selected or Wild symbols appear, the reels will start spinning again with those symbols. The feature ends when there are no new symbols and the winnings are calculated.
  2. Multiplier x10: Winnings are multiplied by x10 if all symbols on the reels form a winning combination. The results in larger payouts, making the game attractive to players hungry for big wins.
  3. Mobile-Friendly Design: The game is optimized and allows players to enjoy it anywhere without losing quality and gaming experience.
  4. Visual and Audio Appeal: High-quality graphics and sound effects make the Fortune Tiger game more enjoyable and lively.

Slot Symbols

Assembled symbols give the game a unique charm and contribute to big wins. Each has a specific payout value. Understanding this value can help players maximize their winnings. Here are the symbols and their respective values:

SymbolPayout Value
Wild Symbol
Golden Ingot Symbol
Golden Ingot
Golden Frog
Golden Frog
Money Bag
Money Bag
Red Lantern
Red Lantern
Firecrackers Symbol
Symbols and Payouts

The Wild symbol offers the highest payout and can substitute for other symbols to create winning combinations.  The Golden Ingot, Golden Frog, and Money Bag provide large rewards. The Red Lantern, Firecrackers, and Orange appear more frequently and offer moderate payouts.

Comparing the RTP and Volatility of Popular Slot Games

Fortune Tiger stands out for its high RTP and balanced average volatility, making it an optimal choice for a wide audience. It offers stable returns and the excitement of occasional big wins. For players willing to take risks for potentially big wins, Gates of Olympus and Mega Moolah are suitable. 

Fortunr Tiger Win

To evaluate the Fortune Tiger slot, compare its RTP (Return to Player) and volatility with other popular games.

Slot GameRTPVolatility
Fortune Tiger96.81%Medium
Gates of Olympus96.50%High
777 Slot96.00%Medium
Mega Moolah88.12%High
Big Red Pokie97.04%Medium
Comparing Slot Games

RTP Comparison

With an RTP of 96.81%, Fortune Tiger offers players a higher return than Gates of Olympus (96.50%) and much higher than Mega Moolah (88.12%). Big Red Pokie tops the list with an RTP of 97.04%. It is suitable for players looking for higher long-term returns. 777 Slot also provides a decent RTP of 96.00% and is a reliable player option.

Volatility Comparison

Fortune Tiger’s medium volatility balances frequent small wins and occasional big payouts. This balance is shared by 777 Slot and Big Red Pokie. They also offer medium volatility.

Gates of Olympus and Mega Moolah have high volatility and offer the potential for large but infrequent payouts. This increased risk attracts players who seek big wins and are fearless of the associated risks.


Fortune Tiger slot has 5 fixed paylines. Each payline is paid from left to right, and only the highest winnings on each line are taken into account. This setup simplifies the betting process and lets players easily track potential winnings. Players can familiarize themselves with the paylines in the Fortune Tiger demo version.

How To Play Fortune Tiger

Using the controls on the screen, set the bet level according to your budget. Afterward, press the Spin button and start the reels. Turbo and Auto buttons speed up and automate the process. The Fortune Tiger wild symbol can substitute for other symbols to create winning combinations and increase your chances of big wins. Take advantage of the Fortune Tiger streak re-spins and x10 multiplier. They can increase your winnings.

My Playing Experience

The bright and charming graphics are the first thing that caught my attention. The happy tiger immediately arouses interest. The sound effects and background music made me feel like a participant in a lively Chinese festival.

Fortune tiger my win

The 3×3 grid and five fixed paylines made my game incredibly easy. I appreciated the ease of customization. Adjusting the bet level was easy, and the controls were intuitive. One of the highlights of my gameplay was the frequent appearance of the Fortune Tiger wild symbol. And the x10 multiplier feature was a real surprise. On one occasion, I brought matching symbols to the whole screen, activating the x10 multiplier. I watched my winnings multiply tenfold. The game is well-optimized on a mobile device. The game worked flawlessly, even on the go.

  • High RTP of 96.81%
  • Fortune Tiger feature and x10 multiplier
  • Optimized for mobile devices
  • The Asian-inspired graphics and sound effects
  • Only 5 fixed paylines
  • Medium Volatility


What is Fortune Tiger?
Fortune Tiger is an Asian-themed slot game developed by PGSoft. The slot design is inspired by traditional Chinese holidays, with symbols representing lucky items. It features a 3×3 grid with five paylines, multipliers, and random re-spins.
How to play Fortune Tiger online?
Playing Fortune Tiger online is very simple. First, register at the online casino and deposit funds into your account. Once ready, make the Fortune Tiger bet, ranging from $0.25 to $750 per spin.
How to win at Fortune Tiger?
Match three symbols on any of the five paylines to win. A full match of symbols or wilds on the screen will activate a 10x multiplier. It will increase your winnings.
How do I withdraw money from Fortune Tiger?
Follow the withdrawal procedure to withdraw your winnings. Go to Cashier or Bank Transactions, enter the amount, and select the withdrawal option. Withdrawal methods include bank transfers, e-wallets, and cryptocurrencies.